Do I need to wear eye protection?
Yes, The human eye can suffer permanent damage from UV exposure. The eyes have no natural protection from UV light.

 How long does it take to get a tan?
This depends on you skin type, equipment you are using and how many times a week you are using it. While some people may get a “base” tan in a few sessions it may take others three times a week for several weeks.

 Do I really need a lotion?
Lotion can help stimulate the production of pigment in your skin making your skin tan quicker, darker and keep your color longer. It also provides moisture and nourishment to your skin. All Seasons Tanning has a full range of lotions to fit any budget. We also pass on our discounts to our customers. Ask one of our tanning consultants to help select the right lotion for your skin today and keep your tan darker longer.

 What should I wear in the tanning bed?
Each tanning room is private so you can wear (or not wear) whatever you wish. Keep in mind that areas of the body that have “not seen the sun” will be more susceptible to burn. It is recommended you cover these areas with a towel and remove the towel a few minutes before your session ends to gradually tan these sensitive areas.

 How do I know the beds are clean?
We use an FDA approved cleaning solution after each and every client’s session. The solution it tested to ensure it is properly mixed. We provide hand sanitizer in each tanning suite for customers to use.

 I need an appointment to tan?
We know you have a busy schedule so we require no appointments to tan. First come first serve.

 How often should I tan?
This depends on your individual skin type. Some people may be able to tan in 24 hours but it is recommended you wait 48 hours between tanning sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)