GOLD MEMBERSHIP  $ 24.99 a month LEVELS 1-2-3


                            ONE DAY VISITS

LEVEL 1 $7.00        LEVEL 2 $7.00        LEVEL 3 $9.00

               LEVEL 4 $11.00        LEVEL 5 $13.00

                   1 WEEK LEVELS 1-2-3 $19.99

                    PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE


Indoor tanning lotions are bio-engineered to maximize the results of your tanning visit while increasing the quality of your tan. Moist, nourished skin tans best.
 Indoor tanning lotions are designed to supply your skin with the essential nutrients necessary for a tan. These special ingredients also moisturize your skin to keep it looking young and healthy. Indoor tanning lotions can help you achieve a darker tan in fewer tanning sessions, saving you both time and money.
Your skin can tan, your lips and eyes cannot! Protect your lips by applying lip balm that blocks ultraviolet light. Protect your eyes by wearing the federally approved protective eyewear that GoldenSun Tan provides.
We offer the finest products available at our location.


      All Seasons Tanning​Salon Packages
We offer several different types of tanning packages to suit your needs. Feel free to call us to discuss what package is best for you. We recommend the use of a salon quality tanning lotion to achieve the best results in our tanning equipment. Samples of all products are available for purchase.

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“Gold Membership Our most economical membership Perfect for building your base tan “

            3 MONTHS                              3 MONTHS                          3 MONTHS

           LEVELS 1-2-3                       LEVELS 1-2-3-4                  LEVELS 1-2-3-4-5

               $87.99                                 $123.99                                $164.99

                                         MONTHLY PACKAGES

  1 MONTH         
                     1 MONTH                          1 MONTH

LEVELS 1-2-3                        LEVELS 1-2-3-4                LEVELS 1-2-3-4-5

    $33.99                                     $54.46                            $71.99

 Platinum Membership $ 46.99
For a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan, experience the luxury of our Platinum level membership. Enhance your tanning experience with our luxurious Platinum level equipment featuring body contour acrylics, air conditioning, premium quality sound systems, and much more. Enjoy access to all-level tanning beds.